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Nemo Forever Signature Line

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Anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE animals (hence how I had no hesitation in deciding to name my jewelry line in honor of my favorite animal and a stuffed one at that!).  I spent most of my childhood praying for a dog and it wasn’t until my late 20s that my family finally decided to get one.  I’ll save my story about our dog, Chibi, for a later blog 🙂

Last year, my sister and husband bought their first home and decided to get a dog of their own.  In the spirit of trying to give a good dog a happy home, I accompanied her to the humane society and instantly fell in love with one of the first dogs that we saw.  Nemo was cute and small and was actually really indifferent to us which made my sister not really care for him much at first.  Almost a year later, he has now completely latched on to her and has established himself together with Chibi as the center of our family’s lives.  Not a single day goes by that we don’t end up talking about how smart he is or how friendly and happy he is and I truly believe that she couldn’t have asked for a better dog.

I recently acquired a bunch of silver dog charms and was delighted to see that they looked just like Nemo, so I decided to create a line in honor of him!  The Nemo forever line features a silver lariat necklace with a doggy charm dangling at the bottom as a pendant.  It also has matching earrings as well as a bracelet and anklet.  The bracelet and anklet is adjustable to any length to fit.  Light blue blown glass beads also accompany the doggy charms to make this a fun set to wear!  For all of you dog lovers out there, I hope that you can wear these pieces as a reminder to others not just to treasure their dogs, but also to help all of the orphaned dogs out there find their forever home by adopting from your local human society!

the skinny pig ‘style’

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Lately, I’ve been finding myself thinking about my jewelry-making style much more philosophically.  For instance, one of my most favorite things to do is to combine natural, organic materials with sparkly, man-made materials items to create the perfect combination that I almost feel like calling “nature + man” (almost, but not quite because I know it sounds a little ridiculous :P).  Anyway, as time goes on and I find myself better understanding my own style and aesthetic, I find that I’m always inclined to strike a balance between the two items where I can never be satisfied with a piece that is made of strictly natural materials or only synthetic items.  I always have to find a way to combine elements of both things in every single piece.  Read More

the skinny pig origin story

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What does a Skinny Pig have anything to do with jewelry?

People constantly ask me why I named my handmade jewelry line, “Skinny Pig Designs.”  The complicated answer is that a family member gave me a stuffed piggy when I was a little girl and every night, I’ve slept with it since then.  That was probably around the same time that I started beading and making jewelry.

The short answer is just because it’s cute and fun, which reflects what I think wearing jewelry should be like.  I’m naturally a very practical person and I usually prefer gifts that are functional and serve a purpose.  For example, every Christmas, I usually ask my family to gift me things that I need like socks or underwear.  Sometimes I think that jewelry goes against that idea because when you really think about it, it’s not very functional and doesn’t somehow make your life any more easier or convenient.  So why do people covet jewelry all around the world?

“…I truly believe that jewelry is a beautiful form of art that enables both the creator and the person wearing it to celebrate creativity, something that is unique to human beings.”

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