Skinny Pig Designs is a custom, hand-crafted, fun jewelry line created on O’ahu, Hawaii. Consisting of various freshwater pearls, glass, coral, and crystals, the jewelry of Skinny Pig Designs is dainty, feminine and fun to wear. Each piece is designed and hand-crafted by Moana-Marie Nazareno, who creates these island-inspired pieces based on various experiences here on O’ahu, Hawaii. Moana’s approach to each piece combines natural and rough elements with semi-precious stones, glass and pearls along with other various ‘gems’  to make each piece exciting and unique that anyone could enjoy wearing.
Why “Skinny Pig?”

Moana grew up with a large stuffed animal that happens to be a long and skinny pig. When asked to recall 2 things that she remembers most about her childhood, Moana always thinks about:  (1) her stuffed piggy (which she still sleeps with, even ’til today) and (2) her jewelry-making hobby which started at a very young age. Eventually, her jewelry-making hobby evolved into something more than just a hobby and she decided to combine these two things from her childhood to create a brand that is fun, happy and cute. Moana truly belives that when it comes to things such as jewelry, there is no real reason behind it—all you know is that it’s beautiful and you want it because it makes you feel good. Similarly, Skinny Pig Designs is the kind of the brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously and focuses all of its creative energy on creating designs that are fun, cute and makes you happy—even just by the mention of its name.

At Skinny Pig Designs, we are dedicated to bringing joy to all of our customers, one cutesy, island-inspired piece at a time. Mahalo for stopping by! 🙂