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the skinny pig ‘style’

By March 16, 2016Uncategorized

Lately, I’ve been finding myself thinking about my jewelry-making style much more philosophically.  For instance, one of my most favorite things to do is to combine natural, organic materials with sparkly, man-made materials items to create the perfect combination that I almost feel like calling “nature + man” (almost, but not quite because I know it sounds a little ridiculous :P).  Anyway, as time goes on and I find myself better understanding my own style and aesthetic, I find that I’m always inclined to strike a balance between the two items where I can never be satisfied with a piece that is made of strictly natural materials or only synthetic items.  I always have to find a way to combine elements of both things in every single piece. 

I don’t know if I’m just stretching here because maybe my style of jewelry is simply just made of different things that I like based on what they look like.  However, I would like to think that there is a deeper reason than that.  Growing up in Hawaii, I feel like I was always taught to appreciate and respect the natural world around me.  At the same time, there are amazing things that human beings are able to do not just for themselves, but also for the sake of protecting and giving back to nature.  Both nature and humans are deeply intertwined here in Hawaii.  I would like to think that my jewelry is a metaphorical reflection of such ideas.

This shell necklace is a great example.  The seashell is sliced in order to reveal the intricate pattern that nature is able to create.  The crystal and gold-filled chain are manufactured to provide maximum shine and sparkle.  All of these things can be pretty on their own, but when you put them all together, the combination forms something even more beautiful.  I hope that I’m not reaching, but I like to think that this necklace is a celebration of the synergy of nature and man 🙂